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Solution & Execution-oriented

Owner & Managing Director

Stefan Lobmeyer

In addition to analytical thinking, clarity, perspective and consciousness when making decisions, you will benefit from my motivation, energy and enthusiasm for my work. Completing tasks on my own initiative, developing and implementing quantitative and qualitative goals with your colleagues are just some of the capabilities you can expect when working with me.
A pronounced cost awareness and extensive business management knowledge complete my profile. See for yourself.

Stefan Lobmeyer

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Task Force Management
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Executive Coach
Change Management
My success factors

That is how I can ensure your success in the long term

I always approach tasks to be solved in a neutral, independent and goal-oriented manner. I enjoy breaking new ground in the process. The decisive factor in this context is my perseverance and my “servant leadership” approach. I always focus on an efficient production. I would also like to strengthen your position in terms of quality or cost advantages over competitors in the long term.

Defining vision & strategy

This process is intended to create freedom for new thinking and to awaken new leadership motivation/willingness and skills, taking environmental conditions into account. Here we are focusing our efforts on preventing further risks, either to avoid follow-up costs or to gain competitive advantages.

Analysing systems & processes

The focus is on analysing deviations in project plans, intermediate goals and milestones across the entire supply chain. My highest priority is to always avoid production downtimes and thus eliminating the greatest risk for everyone involved. In addition to lean management, this usually requires optimisation and standardisation of figures.

Understanding people

Active listening and identifying roles and competencies within the team are essential factors for success. Instead of dealing with worries and problems, I enable the team to concentrate on their work and increase added value. The ultimate goal is to animate the continuous improvement process and to implement it into the mindset of all participants.

Implementing PDCA

The PDCA cycle has managed to be established worldwide as a quality management method with measurable objectives. Combined with the approaches of agility and servant leadership, an “agile” PDCA is sustainable and contains the CIP. This way you always get added value for your customers and your team finds strength in self-responsibility.

This is what I stand for

Vision, Mission & Strategy

What potential do I have?

I support important economic systems

  • through consistent actions
  • by strenghtening leadership
  • by improving corporate culture
  • through motivation
  • by enabling continuous learning
  • by anchoring quality awareness
  • through environmental awareness
  • by meeting legal requirements
  • through practised value

What do I want to achieve?

  • Converting competing goals into common goals
  • Production without waste
  • Living corporate principles
  • Strenghten the company at its core
  • Building intrinsic motivation
  • Quality on all levels

How do I proceed?

  • Client satisfaction as the most valuable asset
  • Analysing motivational disturbances
  • As-is analyses through audits
  • Control loops for data & measures
  • Mentoring & coaching
  • Generating decisions
  • Exemplifying motivation & joy

Poor cooperation creates poor results. Good cooperation creates good results. Excellent cooperation creates excellent results.
Stefan Lobmeyer

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When working with me, these qualities will be added on top!

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Strategy & Change-Management

Your investment in me will pay for itself much faster and more sustainably through strategic work content, as this increases the quality of planning, promotes team spirit and creates a positive mindset. The continuous improvement process thrives.

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Coaching & Mentoring

By understanding the concerns of colleagues, I can support the dialogue and communication between the parties involved, establish a clear division of responsibilities and promote self-organization. This creates added value and customer benefit.